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Our recreational soccer program is designed for players from PreK through high school, offering a fun and inclusive environment to learn and play. With emphasis on skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship, players experience the joy of soccer in a supportive setting. The Fall and Spring seasons provide opportunities for all participants to engage in regular training sessions and Saturday games, promoting physical activity and personal growth.

For your convenience, our league offers field locations in the Gresham, Happy Valley, and Sandy areas.

  • Gresham and Troutdale Residents: Trainings and games will be at local parks and at the Eastside Timbers Sports Complex.
  • Happy Valley Residents: Trainings and games will be in Happy Valley and/or the Eastside Timbers Sports.
  • Sandy Residents: All trainings will take place in Sandy. Games for Pre-K to 2nd grade will be held in Sandy, while games for 3rd grade to high school will be held in Sandy and Gresham.

Fall Recreation Information

Registration Fees

PreK-2nd Grade: $105

  • Our primary goal is to form separate girls & boys teams

*** Please note that players have to be 4 years of age by Sept 1, 2024 to be eligible to play!

3rd Grade - High School: $120

  • 3rd-8th Grade: All teams will be exclusively girls or boys
  • High School: All teams will be co-ed

Late registration fee start’s July 19th, 2024. An additional $10 will be added to the above cost.

Uniform Fees:

Black adidas shorts and socks are required and they are an additional cost. You do not need to purchase adidas shorts and socks if you already have them.
Cost for two jerseys (Youth sizes) $59.88
Cost for two jerseys (Adult sizes) $64.60
Free shipping is limited, so order as soon as possible.

Here is a table that breaks down our recreation age groups. If you have any  questions or concerns regarding your player's age placement, please email our Sporting Director

Age Group School Year
U5*** Pre-School
U6 Kindergarten
U7 First Grade
U8 Second Grade
U9 Third Grade
U10 Fourth Grade
U11 Fifth Grade
U12 Sixth Grade
U13/U14 Seventh & Eighth Grade
High School 9th-12th Grade

Scholarship Information Page

Click HERE if you want to learn more about applying for a rec scholarship. We offer full and partial scholarships with the help of the City of Gresham Grant Program and the Rise Up Enhancement Grant.

Rising STARS

Rising STARS is tailored for current Eastside recreational players and those outside of our Eastside programs who aspire to advance beyond recreational soccer. This is an ideal program for individuals seeking an opportunity to explore the developmental and competitive programs offered by Eastside, as they may find that the recreational level no longer adequately challenges their skill development. Recognizing that players develop at different rates, Rising STARS aims to address their specific needs.

Formerly known as Recreation ID Night, this initiative provides age-group-based training sessions led by our certified competitive and developmental coaches at the Eastside Timbers Complex, completely free of charge. Those who are identified during these sessions will be offered the chance to train alongside current developmental or competitive team players and coaches.

Our next Rising STARS event will be October 15th at Eastside Timbers Complex  4710 SE 174th Ave Portland, OR 97236

5:00-6:00pm 2018-2015
6:30-7:30pm 2014-2011
This program is ideal for aspiring players seeking competitive training and potential advancement to the next level. No charge for program.

Additional Skill Building Opportunities for Rec Players

Treat Referees with Kindness

As we head into our soccer games, please remember that our referees are individuals, many very new to refereeing, with only their eyes and ears to guide them. They aren't elite Major League Soccer referees with assistants or access to VAR technology. Also, keep in mind that the view from the sidelines is very different than what a ref sees; they are in a better position to see what's going on.

Inevitably, there may be moments when the referee makes a mistake. It's part of the beautiful game.

However, it's crucial to remember that these referees are here to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for our young athletes. They're doing their best to ensure fair play and fun on the field.

Once we accept the occasional human error and move on, watching your child's game becomes a lot more enjoyable. Let's encourage and support our referees as they play their vital role in our soccer community.

P.S. Coaches, remember that this rule applies to you the most. Lead by example and help create an atmosphere of respect and understanding on the field.

Thank you.

About Eastside Recreation

Eastside Timbers Recreation is a community-based outdoor soccer program that operates in East Multnomah and Clackamas Counties. The program has leagues located in Gresham, Sandy, Clackamas, Troutdale, and Portland, offering playing opportunities for players from Kindergarten to High School for both Spring and Fall League seasons, as well as soccer camps.

Eastside Timbers Recreation is a non-competitive recreational league that aims to teach children the fundamentals of soccer through practices and matches. The focus is on having fun, learning and camaraderie, with no scores or standings kept, and rules in place to ensure that all teams are on a level playing field.

Our coaches are volunteers, many of whom are parents without prior soccer experience. However, they receive coaching clinics provided by Eastside Directors and session plans for reference. The training sessions are tailored to ensure that the children have fun, play games, and enjoy the game of soccer.

Practice schedules are decided by the coaches, with younger age groups (PreK to 2nd grade) training once a week and older age groups training once or twice a week. The coach informs the team of the practice schedule at least a week before the training. If the day or time does not work out for a player, they may be moved to another team, but this could require them to travel further. In some cases, players may be advised to stay on the same team and attend only the games. Recreational soccer games are typically held on Saturdays during the season.

To ensure the safety of our players, we require all Recreation Coaches and Assistant Coaches to submit a background disclosure and complete Safesport training and concussion protocol certification. Head Coaches who volunteer have their player's fees reduced.

We hope you'll join the Eastside Timbers family and have a great time learning soccer skills, making new friends, and enjoying the game of soccer!

*Completion of Rules & Policies, concussion certification, safeguard certificate and background must be completed for discount to be applied.  

Additional Parent Information

We strongly advise you to visit the links below regarding concussions and player safety. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming Fall Recreational Soccer season, please reach out to us at HERE!