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Summer Academy Details

Join us for the Eastside Timbers Summer Academy! This academy is designed to make the most of the summer months, focusing on skill development in a friendly and encouraging environment.



With a limit of 50 players, our small group sizes ensure that each participant gets plenty of personal attention from our experienced coaches. Players will work on dribbling, passing, ball control, shooting, and game scenarios to boost their skills and teamwork.

Key Highlights:

  • Skill Development: Coaching focused on improving technical skills and understanding of the game.
  • Engaging Sessions: Fun drills and small-sided games to keep players motivated and engaged.
  • Personalized Attention: Small groups for more individualized coaching and feedback.
  • Team Spirit: Become part of a welcoming community of players and coaches who share a love for soccer.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your game this summer. Register now to secure your spot and join us for an enjoyable and productive summer of soccer with Eastside Timbers!

Summer & Winter Academy

Our Summer & Winter Academy offers a dynamic environment focused on individual skill development and small group play. Designed to build skilled, confident, and creative players, our academy provides additional opportunities to improve techniques and enhance performance, with supplementary training during the summer and winter seasons.

Led by Eastside Timbers Directors Greg Maas, Carly Copplestone, Corey Johnson, Tom Kean, and other USSF & USC licensed coaches, our academy sessions prioritize building a well-rounded technical foundation and understanding important tactical aspects of the game. Players engage in comprehensive training covering dribbling, passing, ball control, shielding, shooting, and various game scenarios including 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 situations, culminating in small-sided games that reinforce learning.

Key Features:

  • Skill Development: Emphasis on enhancing individual skills and tactical awareness.
  • Expert Coaching: Guided by experienced and licensed coaches from Eastside Timbers.
  • Engaging Sessions: Interactive and stimulating sessions designed to inspire players in a supportive atmosphere.
  • Summer and Winter Focus: Additional training opportunities tailored for the off-seasons to maximize player development.
  • Equipment: Participants are required to bring an inflated ball labeled with their name, shin guards, and water to every session.

Join us at Eastside Timbers for a dynamic and skill-refining training experience that prepares players for success on and off the field. Whether in summer or winter, our academy promises growth, camaraderie, and a dedication to player development.

Both seasons are held at Eastside Timbers Sports Complex, 4710 SE 174th Ave, Portland