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Home Challenges

These are certainly unprecedented times, but this ongoing Covid-19 situation shouldn't deter any players from getting their touches on the ball and continue to get better.  Over the past week, our Coaches and our Staff have been receiving several emails asking us for some ideas about how players can continue to get touches on the ball while being away from the team.  We went ahead and created a page for our players to provide them with some ideas on how they can continue to get better, whether they are stuck at the house or if they have access to a local school!

Think you have what it takes to do all of them? Prove it! 

Email us using the link below and send us your clips! Show us what you're doing away from the field to help develop your game!

Email Us Your Clips Here!

Here are a couple things you can do in the comfort of your own home!

Juggling Challenges

Getting touches on the ball is great,  but how is your control? Here are a few juggling challenges we've put together for everyone!

Challenge 1 - Using a regular soccer ball, how many juggles can you get before the ball hits the ground?

Challenge 2 -  Using a size 1 Skills ball, how many juggles can you get before the ball hits the ground?

Challenge 3 - Using a Tennis Ball, how many  juggles can  you get before the ball hits the ground?

Challenge 4 - Using a regular soccer ball, skills ball, or tennis ball, how many juggles can  you get using only 1 part of your body? (See high/low juggling in the video below)

Ground Work

Once you've mastered your juggling, take the ball to the floor and continue to develop your touch with the ball at your feet!

Timed Exercises: How many can you do in 1 minute?

Toe Taps


Toe Drags

See video below for ground work examples!

Juggling & Ground Work Examples

Ross Smith - Wall Ball Challenge

Check out  this video from Ross Smith and the Portland Timbers! Here are several awesome activities that you can do around the house to continue getting your touches on the ball! #RCTID

Ross Smith Soccer Tennis Challenge

If there's a disagreement during your quarantine, Ross Smith has the perfect challenge for everyone in your household! See the video below to see how it works!

Ross Smith Strikers Challenge

Show us your striking skills by watching Ross Smith's Strikers Challenge video! Send us a clip of your best strikes and don't forget to tag us!

PTFC Sebastian Blanco at Home!

Watch the video below to see how Sebastian Blanco continues to stay soccer-ready while he is at home! All you need is a ball, attitude,  and imagination! 

PTFC at home with Larrys Mabiala

Check out this activity with Larrys Mabiala from the Portland Timbers! All you need is a wall and a ball! Careful not to break anything around the house!

PTFC at home with Rocky Rodriguez Pt 2

Rocky has uploaded a second At Home clip  that she wants you to try! Give it a shot!

PTFC at home with Steve Clark

Goalkeepers, are you looking for something new to try at home? Check out Steve Clark's video below!

PTFC at home with Simone Charley

Check out Simone's at home exercises! Can you do it better? Prove it by sending us your clips!

PTFC At Home With Celeste Boureille

Want to improve your game at home like Celeste Boureille? All you need is a tennis ball! Watch the clip below and find out how you can improve!

Cardio Circuit

Here is an excellent cardio circuit that players can do indoors! Follow the instructions below for an excellent 10 minute cardio workout! All you need is a soccer ball and two cones.

1 Minute - Toe Touches on top the ball as fast as you can

30 Seconds  - Rest

1 Minute - Inside the foot touches on the ball as fast as you can

30 Seconds - Rest

1 Minute - Place two cones (or small objects) 5 yards apart.  Dribble  your ball as fast as you can in a figure 8 motion around each cone.

30 Seconds - Rest


Last Minute -  Hold a 1 minute plank

If you have any variations of this circuit, send us some suggestions!

Learn a Skill, Send a Skill Challenge

Here's how the challenge works:

Step 1: Learn the Skill you were challenged to do, and Film it! Skills people can challenge others with can range from juggling challenges, ground skill moves, or even some flick-ups! Be creative! If you need some examples, use the links below:

15 Ground Skill Moves

100 Ways to Beat Your Defender

100 Flick Ups

Once you're done filming it, POST IT and tag OPF @opfutsal or Eastside @eastsidetimbers

Step 2: Challenge your friends, family, teammates, and coaches with a skill of your choice! Master your skill of choice, post it, and tag the people you'd like to challenge! Don't forget to tag @opfutsal or @eastsidetimbers

See the video below on how the challenge works from the OPF Director Zane Fernandez!

Learn a Skill, Send a Skill Video

If you have not been challenged to a skill, feel free to kick things off and nominate 2 people of your choice!

PTFC at home with Marissa Everett

Want another juggling variation? Check our Marissa Everett's walkthrough on another creative juggling exercise to keep your technique sharp!

PTFC at home with Goalkeeper Bella Bixby

Calling  all goalkeepers! Want some things that you can work on at home? Check out this video from Thorns FC Goalkeeper Bella Bixby!

PTFC at home with Rocky Rodriguez

This at home exercise is easy! All you need are two shoes and one soccer ball! How many figure-8 variations can  you think of? Show  us!!!

PTFC at home with Yimmi Chara

Check out what Timbers new signing Yimmi Chara is doing during quarantine! How many wall juggles can you do?

PTFC at home with Andres Flores

Check out some great ground work you can do at the house  from Andres Flores on the Portland Timbers!

Ross Smith W Challenge

Check out this awesome cardio workout from Ross Smith! How quickly  can you complete the W Challenge?

Ross Smith Header Challenge!

Want to work on your headers at home? Follow the link HERE to find Ross's brand new Header Challenge! 

PTFC At Home With Andy Polo

Watch the video clip below and see how Andy is improving his game at home! Don't forget to send us your clips!

Here are a few things you can do at the house or at your local field!

Plus-Sign Dribbling

This is an excellent dribbling exercise for all players! Check out these two videos below on how to set it up and how to do the pattern! All you need is 5 small cones/objects and one soccer ball! 


-Place the middle cone down in some decent space

-Walk out 4 cones/small objects about 2-4 yards away from the middle cone

-The  further away from the middle you place your cone, the more challenging it will be

Dribbling Pattern

Select a "Home Cone." Once you've selected a home cone, you will complete 4 rounds of the dribbling pattern above, each  time ending at your designated home cone.

Round 1 - Right foot only

Round 2 - Left foot only

Round 3 - Inside the foot only with both feet

Round 4 - Outside the foot only with both feet

Think you can do it fastest?

Level 1: Complete it in 1 minute, 15 seconds

Level 2: Complete in Under 1 minute

Level 3: Complete in under 50 seconds

Can you do it without touching any the cones? Have any other variations we should try? Send us your clips HERE!

Staircase Challenge

Our 02G Red Team are calling everyone out! As a team, they did 800 flights of stairs! Can your team beat that? Prove it!!!

Skill Move Dribbling

If you have access to a local field or a park, grab a ball and some cones and develop your skills with the ball at your feet!

-Place 4 small squares 8-15 yards apart

-Dribble through each square going as fast as you can moving clockwise, and then counter-clockwise 

-In each square, execute a skill move!

Level 1 Moves - Body Feint, Scissor

Level 2 Moves  - Reverse Scissor/Run Over

Level 3 Move - Maradona

Level 4 - Can you think of a more challenging move? Send us a clip of you doing the exercise! Here are some ideas:

15 Ground Skill Moves

100 Ways to Beat Your Defender

Have a field to yourself? Give these challenges a shot!

The Striking Gauntlet

Want to work on your striking abilities? This is exercise is perfect for you!

Players are working on their striking ability and using proper technique and accuracy.

Level 1 - Score a goal from every ball location

Level 2 - Hit the back of the net with out the ball bouncing for the first 4 shots, and score a regular goal from the 50 yard line.

Level 3 - Hit the crossbar from every location

Crossbar Challenge

Hitting the crossbar is one thing, but can you do it consistently? The more soccer balls you have for this challenge, the better.  For this exercise, we will be using 6.

Level 1 - Hit the Crossbar 1 out of 6 attempts

Level 2 - Hit the Crossbar 2 out of 6 attempts

Level 3 - Hit the Crossbar 3 out  of  6 attempts

Level 4 - Hit the Crossbar 4 out of 6 attempts

Level 5 - Hit the Crossbar 5 out of 6 attempts

Level 6 - Hit the Crossbar 6 out of 6 attempts

Master - Hit 3 straight with your strong foot, then hit 3  straight with your weak foot.


Have a sibling or a parent who wants to get out and participate? Here's a fun exercise you can do with your partner.

-Create two grids 25-50 yards apart.  Alternatively, you can use one small cone instead of two grids

-Each player stands inside their grid (or near the small cone if you use that instead)

-Serve balls to each other in the air and on the ground

-Receive the ball with a quality first touch and keep your ball as close to your body as possible. Keep your first touch inside the small grid, or if you're using a cone instead, how close can you get your first touch to the cone?

Not only are players working on their first touch and controlling balls out of the air, but they are also working on their striking abilities.

Don't Forget to Send Us Your Clips!

Send us your content by sending us an email below.  Want to challenge the coaching staff?  Have any skills you want to showcase? Have any challenges we forgot to add?


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