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There are currently no futsal leagues running at this time.

Oregon Premier Futsal is an indoor sports facility located at 12402 SE Jennifer Street, Suite 190B, Clackamas, Oregon 97015.

Futsal League Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register?

To register your TEAM simply  click here (registration not available now)

  • When are the futsal schedules available?

The 1st weekend of games will be online a week in advance.

  • How many games do we play in a futsal session?

Winter I = 8 Games.

  • Where will the games be played?

All Futsal games will be held at Oregon Premier Futsal

  • What is the roster size maximum/minimum for futsal?

A minimum of 5 players (4 field players and 1 goalie) and no more than 10 players are allowed on each futsal team at facility.

  • What about the referee fees? How are they paid?

Referee fees are included in the team registration fee.

  • Who can sign the waiver form?

If you are under 18 only your parent or legal guardian must sign the OPF Waiver form.

  • Do my parents/guardians need to sign the form each year I play in the futsal league?

No. A parent or guardian only needs to sign the waiver once.

  • What days should we expect our youth team to play this coming Winter I Session?

Saturday & Sunday will be used for OPF futsal matches

  • Can we make a special request with certain times or dates not to play?

Yes. If for some reason your team is unable to play on a particular date or time please reflect this on team registration form

  • Can we reschedule a game?

After the schedule has been published online, it's each individual team's responsibility to make any schedule changes. We will assist a team requesting a change by supplying them with the team manager's contact info for all teams that will be impacted with their rescheduling request. There is no charge for this type of schedule change. In most cases a minimum of 3 other teams will have to adjust their existing schedule to accommodate the request of a single team and maintain schedule integrity (match ups).

  • We are registering several teams and don't want any of our teams to face each other. Can you accommodate that?

If the league your split teams are placed into have a minimum of 10 teams, it's possible to have you avoid playing your split side. If a league/division has 9 or less teams, don't be surprised if you play your split side at least once. If you elect to place your teams in different divisions, then they will not play one another.