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Club Competitive Team Updates

12/29 Update from Our Executive Director

Dear Eastside Timbers & Thorns FC Families

As we approach our final days of 2020, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our Players, Parents, Sponsors, Coaches and Staff for their efforts, patience, cooperation and understanding throughout this extraordinary year. It has been remarkable to witness the club support displayed by all of our Eastside community, working together to ensure our players continue their journey of development.

While there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel, we need to continue to be vigilant with our training and gameday protocols. Because of our diligence and Eastside leading by example, we have been able to perform competitive training, friendly matches, and host OYSA league games that would otherwise be impossible to schedule.

Only through a strong community could this year be as successful as it has been, even with obstacle after obstacle being placed in our way. I am extremely proud of our club and what we can continue to achieve. I wish you all the best, and look forward to a very Happy New Year.

Bring on 2021 and Go Eastside!!

Joey Leonetti, Executive Director

9/24 Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Eastside Families, 

I would like to first thank you for your patience and determination through the adversity we have all faced this year. At times, it has been difficult to remain positive, but as we conquer each new obstacle, the day when we are able to play soccer freely again will be all the more sweet. 

Prior to the air quality issues that arose from the tragic wildfires, the Governor's office and Oregon Health Authority updated activity guidelines that were pertinent to club soccer. In short, in addition to the required procedures and policies set forth in Eastside's Return To Play program, OHA updated guidelines for increased activity for medium to low contact sports, such as soccer. The sport could be played as normal, however face covering, face shields or masks would need to be worn when 6-ft of distance could not be ensured. 

This week we have begun training to include these guidelines. Not all of training has required masks or face coverings, as our coaches are now well versed in creating extremely effective technical and tactical training while ensuring 6ft of distance. However, in order to perform what can now be considered a "normal' training session, many activities will be required to have masks and face coverings worn. It is important to make clear, this is not an Eastside Timbers and Thorns FC decision, it is now an Oregon State order that is legally enforceable including charges, fines and penalties. (Reopening Guidance FAQs- Statewide Mask, Face Shield, Face Covering Guidance 

We have received some concerned emails regarding the training with a mask, and share some of those frustrations. Per Oregon State Law, we can offer "reasonable accommodations" if there is some medical condition cited by a family where they have stated a player is unable to train with a mask or face covering; which would be continued distance training, alternative face coverings, scarfs, or face shields to be worn instead of a cloth or medical mask. The State of Oregon has also stated within the Oregon OSHA COVID-19 Workplace Advisory Memo (6.27d), "Such accommodation should not involve simply allowing the individual to enter the space without a face covering and without taking other protective measures." Those protective measures would include the reasonable accommodations listed above. 

Over these last three months during our Return to Play, I have been increasingly proud of our players, parents, coaches and staff, who have all worked so hard to make sure the process has been successful. However, we all must remain diligent and understanding of what is required under the law, so we all can make it back to the field in full force. 

Thank you for your time, and all the best. Go Eastside! 

Joey Leonetti - Executive Director 

Eastside Timbers & Thorns FC 

Through these unprecedented times, we believe it imperative that we keep everyone in the loop as much as possible.  If you follow the links below, you can find all of our club communications to our competitive players and parents.  If you have any  questions regarding the club or your player, you can email us HERE! In the meantime, we hope everyone stays safe and is practicing safe social distancing protocols.  Please visit for some excellent activities you can do at  home to stay in soccer shape!


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May 20th Update from Executive Director

Dear Eastside Timbers and Thorns FC Members,

Thank you for your incredible patience through the last couple stressful months, and hope all of our Eastside families are staying safe and healthy. As we begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel and are planning our players’ return to play, we are presenting our upcoming season fee schedule and credit plan. It is our sincere goal to provide as much value as possible to our players and their families, for the high level programming and facilities that our members enjoy. 

While we do not compare Eastside Timbers and Thorns FC to other clubs in what we provide to our soccer community, it is important to note we have aimed to capture as much credit for our families as possible, from all varying areas of expense. While easier to simply offer a “$100” blanket credit to everyone as other clubs have, we felt Eastside needed to go further and really provide accurate credit due our families. We do this as a thank you for your support, enthusiasm, and loyalty to our mission of providing positive life experiences and programs that better our community. 

Another email will be coming shortly after this one from our Club Administrative Director and will include the Spring 2020 credit information.

I look forward to seeing players back on the field soon and wish everyone a safe and healthy future.

All the best - and Go Eastside!

Joey Leonetti

Eastside Timbers & Thorns

May 20th Update - Registration Deadline Extended!

Tryout Registration, Spring Credit Application, extended to Friday 5/22/20

Thank you to all that have registered for 2020-21 tryouts.  Eastside is waiving the $40 tryout fee to current Eastside members as a way to say Thank You to our families and hopefully help them during this unprecedented time.

As previous notifications have indicated, OYSA has provided July 6-20 as dates clubs can hold tryouts. Once we have received approval to go ahead based on the State guidelines, the schedule will be posted to our website and emailed to membership.

Eastside Credit for the missed 2020 Spring programs will be as follows:

$80 for current Youth Academy (U8-U10) Members

$115 for current Junior Academy (U11-U14 and U15 8th Grade) Members

$115 for current Senior Academy (U15 9th Grade to U19) Members

There will be an additional prorated discount for club fees paid to OYSA.  These are based on the actual refund the club has received from OYSA and vary by age and program  U8-U10 $11, Non-Premier U11-U12 $28-$33, Non-Premier U13-U14 $23-$28, Premier U11-U12 $35-$38, Premier U13-U14 $50-$52 and U15-U19 $39-$53

These credits apply to current, in good standing members, and may be amended for any member who has already had credits to their account. A Discount Code with the total amount to be used at Team Placement registration will be emailed after tryouts are complete.

Prorated Fees for the 2020-21 season, based on the starting date given by OYSA and State Government have been determined as follows:

$925 for Youth Academy (U8-U10) 

$1375 for Junior Academy (U11-U14 and U15 8th Grade) 

$1200 for Senior Academy (U15 9th Grade to U19) 

Should the season dates change, these prorated fees will be amended and posted.

Please be sure to keep updated by checking the Eastside Timbers web site, where all club emails are being posted.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. We are very much looking forward to seeing our club members back out on the field soon.