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Eastside Timbers Sports Complex

Eastside Timbers is dedicated to upholding a standard of excellence that sets our club apart from all others in the state. A remarkable milestone in our club's history is the establishment of the Eastside Timbers Sports Complex. Our ownership and exclusive management of the fields marked a pivotal moment for us.

Situated at 4710 SE 174th Ave, Portland, OR 97236, the Complex serves as a central hub, uniting our diverse membership. It stands as a true "home field" for all our teams and programs, enhancing the cohesion and identity of our club.

Owning and running our own fields is crucial for a few key reasons. It gives us complete control over how we maintain, schedule, and use the facilities, ensuring they're always in good shape for training, matches, and events. This control means our teams can rely on consistent access to quality fields, which is important for player development.

Having our own fields is cost-effective compared to continually renting or leasing. It also lets us customize the fields to meet our specific needs, whether it's adjusting dimensions, adding storage containers, updating the bleachers etc. 

Our fields also become a hub for the community. Beyond our teams and programs, we open up the facilities to local schools, youth organizations, and other community groups, fostering a sense of togetherness.



Rec Games Field Chart

EST Parking Lot Map

Please refer to the map below to understand  how traffic flows through the EST Complex. The map below depicts traffic flow when overflow parking lot is being used. 

If the overflow parking lot is closed, you will enter & exit through the main gate off of 174th.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us HERE!

Concession Stand

Eastside’s Sidelines Snacks, your go-to concession stand for all your game-day and training cravings. Swing by and check out our snack shack for delicious treats and refreshments. We’re just getting started, so stay tuned for even more tasty options coming your way.  A huge thank you to Geoff Walker and Greg Pfleger for getting the snack shack up and running!

We love that we now have a snack shack, we really do. However, with great snacks comes great responsibility.

️ Let's Keep It Clean: The snack shack brings with it an influx of trash and recyclables. We kindly ask that you be mindful of properly disposing of your waste.

♻️ Recycle Responsibly: Help us maintain a green environment by utilizing the recycle bins provided.

Pitch In: Let's work together to keep our complex pristine. If you spot any trash on the ground, please pick it up and dispose of it properly.

Please remember to stay clear of the sidelines and the referee pathway to ensure a smooth and safe experience.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our community clean and enjoyable for all!

The Eastside Complex Rules

Below are our club's protocols and guidelines for all activities held at our Complex and pertain to the turf fields, the sidelines, the parking lot, and the overflow lot. 

Please note that the rules and guidelines are in place due to the field turf manufacturer warranty. Use of items noted below will affect the product integrity which will immediately void the warranty. We appreciate your attention to this and helping us to maintain our site for many years to come.

  • Use of Field is by Permission Only
  • Only Registered Players, Coaches and Officials on the Playing Field
  • NO Metal Cleats – Molded only
  • NO Food, Seeds, Gum or Drinks allowed on turf (water & sports drinks only) 
  • NO skating, skateboarding, scootering, bicycling, etc. allowed on any area of complex
  • NO Chairs, Canopies, Tables, Personal Tents allowed on turf
  • NO Animals allowed within the complex (including bleachers) with the exception of legal, certified assist animals
  • Please remove all litter from playing area and bleachers to a trash bin
  • Drugs and/or Alcohol are Strictly Prohibited
  • No smoking or tobacco use allowed, including chewing tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vaporizing devices or e-cigarettes
  • Fighting, cursing and other behavior deemed inappropriate are strictly prohibited and are grounds for removal from Complex
  • Parental Supervision of all non-participating persons is strictly required at all times
  • Please report any suspicious behavior or events to the Eastside Timbers Office 503-667-8312 or via email at

Please respect the site and the neighbors. No parking is allowed within any of the neighborhoods surrounding the Complex. Overflow parking is right next door inside the fenced area North of the Complex which contains some Centennial busses. 


The drainage areas are off-limits. Please do not climb over or use gate to gain access to these areas. Please do not climb on any portion of fencing.

Extra Clarification

Coaches, players and Eastside staff are the only ones allowed on the field during team training sessions. This is to allow for the optimum amount of space for training and ensures the safety of our players.

Parents are invited to watch sessions from the stands or on the pavement on field 1. Please refrain from stepping on the turf during sessions unless accompanied by an Eastside staff member.

We understand that some parents used to walk the turf and are sorry that we cannot accommodate this. We do hope that you understand and appreciate our efforts to provide the best possible training session for all players.

Games are different in that spectators are allowed on the fields. The below guidelines should be followed:

1.  No Chairs or Canopies. Wooden benches are supplied on Fields 2 & 3 and metal benches on Field 1
2.  No gum, sunflower seeds, or food of any kind is allowed on the turf
3.  Dogs are not allowed inside the complex, especially not on the turf field.
4.  No bikes, skates, rollerblades, scooters, etc.

Contact Us

We appreciate everyone for following these rules and guidelines this season.  It is our mission to provide all players with a fun and safe playing environment, and we thank you for the support in accomplishing our goals.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here.  Thank you and Go Eastside!